5 Highlights of Miami Beach

August 17, 2016

The America Part 2 Series

After having a fabulous time exploring LA, partying hard in Vegas and sunning ourselves in Cancun, it was time to head to Miami. (Read all about previous parts of the trip here, here and here.)

Miami Beach is quite simply stunning – a perfect location to vay-cay as there’s so much going for it. Sunshine, palm trees and the beach – what more could a gal ask for?!

My highlights are as follows.

1) South Beach.

Stretching down the entire east coast of Miami Beach, the soft white sand and crystal clear blue waters of South Beach are what makes it one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever laid eyes on.

During the day, you can expect it to be packed with people all nationalities, ages, shapes and sizes up for letting their hair down and having a good time. Be prepared for one big PARTY on the beach!

2) Ocean Drive.

This is the road that has one side covered in palm trees overlooking South Beach and the other side lined with an array of cafes, bars and restaurants. Oh and did I mention that the cafes, bars and restaurants are AWESOME in terms of food, drink and atmosphere? The only thing is, be prepared to pay for the location.

Miami Beach gobbled up our money during our one week stay, mainly because our hotel was situated right next to Ocean Drive so we went there to fuel up every day.

NOTE TO SELF: take more money if we ever go back. Miami Beach is not the type of place you can budget travel.

3) Shopping.

Whether you shop ’til you drop in the luxury boutiques down Collins Avenue or fill your boots in the high street stores at Lincoln Road’s outdoor mall, Miami Beach offers the best variety of shopping.

After spending so much on food down Ocean Drive on a day to day basis, we swore we would cut back on luxuries such as new clothes. But OMG there’s a FOREVER 21 and SHIT we don’t have one near us back in England so COME AT ME YOU LITTLE HUN, I will spend a ridiculous amount of dollars buying stuff I don’t need from you.

Being avid Kardashian fans, we also felt the need to pop in Dash (their boutique) and OOPS look what happened:


4) Nightlife.

Miami Beach is quite similar to Vegas in terms of nightclub exclusivity. A gal needs a promoter, yo. (That’s the second time I’ve said ‘gal’ in this blog post – do I think I’m from Essex or something?!)

I’d even go so far as to say that Miami is MORE exclusive than Vegas. Its ridiculously chauvinistic but if you don’t have the right ‘look’, then girl you ain’t getting in.

Some promoters actually ask to see photos of you before they put you on their guestlist for the club, just to check you meet their standards. YEAH, I KNOW.

If you manage to get yourself in with the right promoter, they will sort every night out for you. We got to go to LIV nightclub and see Steve Aoki DJ whilst we were there. We also got to go to Justin Bieber’s PURPOSE world tour official after-party at STORY nightclub where Jonathan Cheban, Kourtney Kardashian and Bieber himself were partying. #LIFEGOALS


In fact, the nightlife is truly awesome in general.

5) Duck Tours.

My parents had actually been holiday to Miami a couple of weeks prior to arrival and recommended we do one of these ‘duck tours’.

It’s basically a tour in a duck boat, so you get to see Miami Beach by land and by water.

We paid something like $30 and had a very pleasant afternoon on a duck boat, soaking up the gorgeous scenery whilst our tour guide performed what can only be described as a one-man-show. It was such a laugh, as well as being educational, and definitely something I would recommend to anyone about to visit Miami Beach for the first time.

Overall we had such a fun time during our week in Miami Beach and it’s definitely somewhere I’d consider going back to (but only if I had a bucket full of money saved up)!

Next stop: Orlando.

(Have you ever been to Miami Beach? What did you think? Thanks so much for reading! Katie-xo)

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