So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

Saying goodbye, disappearing and leaving home for a while is becoming a bit of a habit for me of late.

Remember when I said my sister and I were determined to do more travelling following America Part 2 (which you can read all about here)? Well – that time is now upon us.

We’re actually leaving for Singapore tomorrow! (Wahoo!) Then we’re hitting up Melbourne and Sydney before pitstopping in Bali on the way back to be home in time for our cousin’s wedding mid-October.

We were originally going to travel around Thailand but, literally the day before we were going to book it, the news broke of the 12 bombing blasts in 24 hours. You could argue that it could happen anywhere in the world right now, given the state of things, and you cannot let it stop you from living your life. However, we thought we should perhaps let the dust settle and simply postpone this trip for the time being, knowing how much our parents would worry if we were out there whilst the country was on high alert.

So, instead, we decided that I would take Nic to Singapore and Sydney (as she’s never been to either) and also tick off two more places on my bucket list in the form of Melbourne and Bali. (Squeel!)

I’m super excited, although I forgot how much of a challenge it is to pack a backpack for an extended period of time away. My first backpacking trip was only in 2014, and that time I had to pack for over 3 months rather than just one, but it feels like a lifetime ago. So much has happened since then.

I’ve managed to pack it though – and pack it well (in my humble opinion)! It’s crazy to think that in a matter of hours, I will be back on a plane again.

I’m a little bit gutted that I’ve run out of time to blog about what an amazing past couple of weeks I’ve had – Leeds Fest, my 26th birthday, the American coming to visit and Edinburgh to name a few highlights! But I will try to find opportunities to blog while I’m away, or as soon as I get back.

I have to say that I am literally having the time of my life at the moment since I left my job to travel some more. I’ve never felt so happy, so strong (both physically and mentally) and so comfortable within myself.

I wish I could travel internationally for a career because I love it and I would be so good at it!

Bring on the next trip and, who knows, if there’s money leftover – we might be off again! (Here’s hoping!)

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye!

(Have you been to Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney or Bali before?! What did you think? Thanks so much for reading! Katie-xo)

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