8 Must Do’s When In Bali

The Asia/Australia Travelling Series

Following Singapore, Melbourne and Sydney, it was time for my sister and I to head to our fourth and final destination: Bali.

This was the place I’d been waiting for, having already visited Singapore and Australia previously. When I went on my first travelling trip back in 2014, Bali was all anyone could talk to me about during the South East Asia leg. It was ‘Bali this’ and ‘Bali that’ – so much so that I vowed there and then that I would someday venture to Bali in my lifetime.

WELL, it turns out I ended up venturing to Bali a little sooner than I thought… And, trust me when I say, it’s worth the hype!

Bali is beautiful, no matter which area you visit and which way you look at it. I was lucky enough to be there for six nights/seven days so I got to see different parts of the island.

These are my 8 must do’s when in Bali:

1) Walk along Kuta Beach.

One thing I love about beaches in Asia is just how different they are compared to anywhere else in the world. Instead of thick stretches of fine, white sand, you get the complete opposite (that’s thin stretches of heavy, golden sand for anyone who needs it spelling out to them)! 🙂

You head through the trees and greenery from the road, see a tiny bit of sand and then it’s like BOOM hello there, sea! It just kind of sneaks up on you.

But, just because the beaches are different, doesn’t mean they’re any less GORGEOUS! *Hearts in the eyes emoji*

2) Stay in a cool hotel in Kuta.

As mentioned previously in my Singapore post, your money goes a long way in Asia. You can splash out on a nice three star hotel in Bali that would only pay for you a dorm bed in a hostel in England.

Some of the accommodation is quite quirky too, like where we stayed in Kuta. Ida Hotel is made up of a series of bungalows, which meant we got our very own bungalow complete with a porch for thirty quid a night. #BARGAIN #TOTESADORBS

3) Visit Tegenungan Waterfall.

My sister and I had read about this waterfall before we actually arrived in Bali. It’s supposed to be one of the most beautiful on the island therefore, naturally, we had to see it. Nic was exceptionally excited as she’d never seen a waterfall IRL before, whereas I had already visited some in Thailand and New Zealand.

Tegenungan didn’t disappoint! We got some pretty cool photos; however, the struggle to get them was REAL. Why don’t YOU try walking on slippery, sharp rocks to get to the centre of a waterfall pool – where the current is so strong it’s pulling you in different directions – and then, when you attempt to stand still and pose for your photographer, it feels like your legs might buckle any moment! IT’S A SKILL, I TELL THEE. (Totally worth it though.)

4) Travel to Ubud.

We actually did a day tour to Tegenungan Waterfall that finished up in Ubud so we could visit the Royal Palace and the famous markets. Ubud is just as charming as Kuta, but perhaps slightly less touristy.

It’s good to have a walk around in Ubud, pop in and out of the cafes and grab yourself some bargains (and it probs won’t cost you more than a tenner)!

5) Eat plenty of Nasi Goreng.

Ah, Nasi Goreng… The Indonesian meal of champions! Admittedly, I hadn’t tried Indonesian food prior to visiting Bali, so I was a bit of a beginner in that sense. However, by the end of our week there, I was fully converted with a particular addiction to Nasi Goreng (Indonesia’s version of chicken fried rice or noodles). OM NOM NOM.

6) Go to Sky Garden’s All You Can Eat buffet.

Speaking of food, Nic and I were looking for a place online where we could grab a bite and a few drinks when Sky Garden popped up. According the website, we could go to an All You Can Eat buffet with an All You Can Drink bar from 5-9pm for around £6. Yes, you read that right – SIX POUNDS!

So went there, we did… And eat ourselves silly, we did… And drink ourselves into a stupor, we did. (Have I turned into Yoda with this sudden paraphrasing?!)

After the buffet, Sky Garden turns into a club; put it this way, it was that AWESOME that we went back there two nights later. #YOLO

7) Stay in a luxury villa in Seminyak.

Kuta is the well known backpacker bit of Bali, whereas Seminyak is known for its luxury. I suggested to Nic that we stay in both Kuta and Seminyak during our time in Bali, so we could experience both sides of the coin.

In Seminyak, we stayed at the most amazing place I think I’ve ever stayed in. It was a luxurious one-bedroom villa with our own private pool, kitchen and lounge area, as well as bedroom and ensuite. There was a pond feature at the bottom of the stairs complete with FISH – yes, actual FISH – and our own sunbeds for lounging around on ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY.

It was truly FABULOUS and, at £100 a night, a complete BARGAIN! Alam Warna villas, we absolutely love you!

8) Watch the sunset from Ku De Ta.

Ku De Ta is an upmarket restaurant and bar which was down the road from our villa. It’s right on the beach and has it’s own pool and sunbeds facing out to sea, which makes it an ideal spot to watch the sun go down.

The cocktails are lush and I bet if we’d had the chance to eat there, I think the food would be too! (It certainly looked amazing!)

Ku De Ta = a must do! It’s also great for people watching as a lot of rich folk tend to go there. Well, a lot of rich folk and nosy backpackers I guess, like us!

All in all, Bali was incredible. The whole travelling trip was incredible. I have some unbelievable memories that I will treasure forever and ever, and my sister and I share a special bond because of said memories.

Anyone who’s thinking about backpacking and hasn’t done it yet, I urge you to travel. Just go. Just do it. Yes, it’s expensive but the experiences are invaluable. Between you and me, I have now spent thousands of pounds on my four trips (Asia/New Zealand/Australia 2014, America 2015, America 2016 and Asia/Australia 2016) but I have no regrets. I would do it all again in a heartbeat!

In a few months time, my travels will be over and I will have to come back down to reality with an almighty big THUD.

But, for now, I am having the time of my life. If I had all of the money in the world, I would travel forever. It’s so fulfilling. Jobs fill your pocket, adventures fill your soul.

Writing this, I have the post-travelling blues so my sister and I had better hurry up and book our next trip!

Stay tuned…

(Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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