Preparing for Winter in Wisconsin

As I hinted at the end of my previous post, my travels aren’t quite done yet! 

I’m on the verge of heading to America – AGAIN! I know, I might as well live there, right?! (If only I could get the visa!)

Nic and I had a personal scare in our family back in October when we returned from our last lot of travelling (read about said travelling here, here, here and here) so we recently decided YOLO, let’s milk it good and proper and ended up booking an impromptu trip to Vegas over Thanksgiving weekend at the end of November. (You know, casually, AS YOU DO!)

A lot of people probably won’t understand our decision, but we figure it is very rare in life where we are both in the exact same position, living in our parents’ home with no commitments after both coming out of long term relationships, therefore why the heck not have some more fun together in one of the top partying cities in the world?! The money we saved from our previous jobs hasn’t yet run out and we are honestly having the time of our lives, so why ON EARTH would we want that to end?! 

It’s no secret that after Christmas, early next year, the travelling period of my life will be over. I intend to travel in the future but only one week away here and there in between working and building my career. Basically I have to make the most of this travelling period while I can… And this is exactly why, after spending 5 nights in Vegas, I have decided to head solo to Wisconsin for 2 weeks to visit Nathan. (For more details on who the bloody hell Nathan is, read this post about when he visited the UK at the end of the summer.)

Nathan and I have become very close over the last few months and I’m looking forward to being in a brand new state, one that I probably wouldn’t have thought to visit otherwise, playing tourist around his hometown and getting to the core of what it’s like to temporarily live with a Wisconsinite in America (SQUEEL)!

Of course, Wisconsin is known for its brutally cold winters; being closer to the east coast of America, they get a lot of ice and snow.

It dawned on me the other day that I’m nowhere near prepared for this kind of cold in December. I desperately needed to get a padded, insulating coat and winter walking boots – and FAST – and that’s exactly what I did.

This dark navy puffer jacket with faux fur lined hood is so snugly and it fits like a glove. I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and I knew it was perfect for the freezing temperatures I would have to endure in Wisco. I chose the dark navy colour as it looks practically black and will go with E’RYTHANG!

Dark Navy Puffer Coat – Topshop – £70

Then my dear Uncle John helped me find these kick-ass women’s walking boots; their full leather exterior means that they are extreme water and weather proof. They have sturdy grips on the bottom as well as an insulating internal lining which means my tootsies will be kept nice and TOASTY outdoors.

Karrimor Ladies Walking Boots – Sports Direct – £89.99 reduced to £39 (find them on Amazon HERE)

Now that I’m all kitted out with a new coat boots, I just need to make sure I pack lots of layers and comfy knits!

This is totally going to contradict my packing for Vegas, which will consist of lighter layers, as it’s currently late teens/early twenties temperature-wise over thurrr. (Wahoo! Bring back the summer!)

But y’know what, I feel like I’m a packing pro now! I have mad skillz, yo – so LET’S DO THIS!

I’m very much looking forward to this trip as it’s a little bit different than usual. I also have to do TWO solo flights which is going to be a bit of a challenge for me. But, wish me luck, I will undoubtedly have a blast and will be blogging about my journey every step of the way! 

Stay tuned, my lovelies!

(Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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