3 Things I Loved About Vegas Round 3

As you may have read in my previous post, at the end of November I was about to head to America YET AGAIN for Vegas round three (ding ding)!

Firstly I need to apologise because I said I’d blog while I was out there and unfortunately, due to a number of reasons – jetlag, lingering illness (I had a virus just before I left) and shoddy wifi connections to name a few – I was unable to do so! PLEASE FORGIVE ME?!

Then, when I returned from America a couple of weeks ago, I was busy planning my NEXT trip (more on that later), I got ill AGAIN (chest infections are my bezzie mates these days) and before I knew it, it was CHRISTMAS! (Doesn’t it just creep up on you every year?!)

I’m still a bit poorly but I’m well enough to get my laptop out and finally start blogging again! I’m sorry for the delay and I do miss you all when I’m gone!

So let’s get right down to it… Vegas round three was awesome.

Vegas is always awesome. Whether you go during the summer, during the winter, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, your birthday, your mate’s birthday, your second-cousin-twice-removed’s Bar Mitzvah… It’s always going to deliver! (I’m guessing, as I haven’t personally been on all of those occasions!)

IMHO, it always delivers because there’s just so much variety. There’s a lot of stuff to do. It just keeps on giving! You could go as a couple and have a completely different experience to if you went with friends (but still just as great)!

The first time my sister, and CTB (Chief Travelling Buddy), headed to Vegas was January 2015 (read about it here) in the middle of winter (even though the weather was still pretty mild). Then the last time we went was June of this year during the EDC weekend (read about it here).

Both times we partied, we shopped, we had a laugh… So much so, that we were ready to do it all again a mere matter of months later!

Even though we’d already spent six nights in total in the Vegas previously, there were still things we could do this time around that we’d never done before.

Here’s three things I loved about Vegas round three!

1) We stayed at a three star hotel as apposed to a one star. 

Goodbye, Travelodge… HELLO, EXCALIBUR! That’s right, kids – we’ve gone up in the world.

One good thing about going to Vegas during the low season is that all the fancy hotels are literally half the price. 

Not only does Excalibur look pretty badass (it’s the mother on the strip that looks like a castle FYI) but it has literally errrrrythang you need in one place. Starbucks, Johnny Rockets, the multitude of bars and eateries… I’M LOOKING AT CHU!

Our room was spacious and clean, the location on the strip is excellent, the atmosphere in the casino was poppin’… What more could us gals want?!

Oh I know, for the pool to still be open in November. Yes that’s right, Excalibur… I SAID IT. Just because it’s off season doesn’t mean we don’t still want to go for a wee dip in the pool. SORT IT ARRRT.

But that’s literally only the one complaint I have. Well done Excalibur, you babe you.

2) We were there for Thanksgiving.

The fact that we booked this trip over Thanksgiving was a happy accident. For those of you who don’t know, Thanksgiving is a massive holiday in the US. It’s almost as massive as Christmas (but not quite)!

Being a big fan of America, I’ve always wanted to spend a Thanksgiving there. Well, at 26 years young, I finally got my wish! 

Nic (my sister) and I found the most incredible buffet Thanksgiving dinner in our hotel which we spent a good few hours at! We gorged our faces and had such a feast and embraced every moment.

The meal is similar to what us Brits have at Christmas – turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing – with a few tweaks! For instance, can you imagine having a sweet potato and marshmallow combination with your turkey?! Well I couldn’t either, but trust me – it’s YUM! And I’m converted.

It was so nice to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with one of my fave people not only IN AMERICA but IN VEGAS and we absolutely loved every minute of it!

3) We went to some new places…

…Including the Heart Attack Grill on Fremont Street, which you’ve probably read about! They’re known for their multiple-layer burgers – the most shocking being the Octuple Bypass Burger which is eight layers of burger. Yes, you read that right… EIGHT *shocked face emoji*!

Anyway, it’s good to go to once as it’s a bit of a laugh… They say the burgers are so fatty they will give you a heart attack, hence the name. All of the customers are known as ‘patients’ and have to wear hospital gowns to enter, and the servers are dressed up as nurses and doctors. Plus, if you don’t finish your meal, you will be spanked. Literally spanked. In front of a restaurant full of people. (I wish I was joking…)

As well as the Heart Attack Grill, we also went to a couple of new clubs including Hakkasan. One of the things I love about partying in Vegas is the abundance of hotspots. It means it never gets boring!

Also, because the clubs are so exclusive, you can dress up as much as you like. Glamour is everything in Vegas, baby! 

It’s so fun to put on a new dress, do dramatic hair and make-up and basically pretend like you’re a celebrity for one night (or four, in this case)!

We had the best time.

All in all, I adored Vegas round three just as much as round one and two. I could just keep going every year and I will never tire of it – I LOVE THE VEGAS!

I probably won’t get to go again anytime soon so it was nice to have one last hurrah with my CTB. We always have a blast when we’re together. (It’s the sisterly bond, yo!)

But after five days together, it was time to fly onto Chicago and then go our separate ways as she flew home to Manchester and I hopped on a coach to Wisconsin.


(Have you been to Vegas before? What did you think? Thanks for reading! Katie-xo)

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