3 of My Favourite Thailand Sunsets

March 15, 2017

Thailand Travelling Series

Please forgive me.

My previous post on the best bits of Pai was supposed to be the last in the Thailand Travelling Series; however, I just couldn’t resist throwing this one on the end! I promise, just let me have this one more and I will shut up about everything Thailand related (for now).

Besides, who can say no to a good old sunset? (Especially if you appreciate anything and everything visual like moi.)

My sister and I agreed at the time that Thailand has some of the prettiest sunsets we’ve ever seen. Granted, I haven’t exactly seen ALL of the sunsets in ALL of the world (challenge accepted) but, out of the ones I have seen, the Thailand ones sure are up there as some of the best! (I think it helps when the sunset is a backdrop for a beautiful beach, am I right?)

Here are my top three Thailand sunsets – cue the countdown!

3) Ao Nang.

This was the most surprising sunset in terms of beauty as, an hour before the sun actually set, there were some big, badass, dark grey clouds blocking the sun. There were also boats dropping tourists off from day trips obstructing the view. (Yes, I know – HOW DARE THEY!) Then miraculously, just before the sunset, both the clouds and boats disappeared… And what was left was a soft gradient of blue to pink to purple to yellow over the peaceful tranquility that was the ocean.

2) Koh Phangan.

What I loved the most about this sunset was the pastelly colours and how they seemed to effortlessly flow into each other. Again there were a few clouds, but in no way did they damage the view. The sunset was STUNNING (and the beach wasn’t bad either).


1) Koh Samui.

This sunset was my favourite simply because of the vividity of the colours. As there had been a storm an hour prior, there were still some rainclouds in the sky. The greyness of the rainclouds only emphasised the vibrant colours of the sunset. And I think the fact that we were looking out over a gorgeous view of the harbour definitely worked in this sunset’s favour! It truly took my breath away.

All three sunsets were definitely a feast for the eyes and did nothing but add to Thailand’s overall beauty and charm. What a country! What a trip! What incredible, lifelong memories!

(If you missed the posts in my Thailand Travelling Series, you can catch up on them here, here, here, here and here. That’s all for now, folks! K-xo)

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