Wisconsin Shopping Haul

March 23, 2017

Soon enough, I will be off on a plane again heading back to England after spending four glorious weeks in Green Bay, Wisconsin visiting my lovely boyfriend.

We’ve had such a great month and managed to fit in a lot of activities, including weekends away in both Milwaukee and Door County. I will be blogging about these weekends at a later date so, for now, let’s just marvel at some pretty things I’ve bought during my time here!

This post is going to focus on designer bargains alone; however, I have one upcoming that will feature high street items!

Everybody knows that the shopping is great in America; however, with the dollar to pound conversion rate being pretty poor at the moment, I wasn’t sure if I would strike lucky with obtaining any bargains here this time around. (FYI I needn’t have worried!)

Here are the details of my Wisconsin shopping haul and three new designer babies!

1) The Ralph Lauren Polo classic white t-shirt.

I’d never owned anything Ralph Lauren Polo before, even though my parents practically live in this brand, so I was super excited to see this classic white v-neck t-shirt with the cute little RLP logo on sale at the Outlet Mall in Oshkosh. I had a classic white t-shirt in my possession from ZARA until recently (I made the mistake of taking it backpacking and had to throw it away) so I was very excited to be able to have this iconic staple back in my wardrobe again. (Who doesn’t love a classic white tee?) Also, at $20, it was a steal!

Ralph Lauren Polo T-Shirt – RRP $29.99 – approx $20 on SALE 
(Shop Ralph Lauren UK HERE.)

2) The Levi slim-fitting jeans.

Believe it or not, this is the first pair of Levi jeans I have ever owned – even though I have been to America a handful of times in the last nine months (and on several occasions in my lifetime)! I have always yearned for a pair of Levis but never been able to actually afford them – hello, clearance section of Kohls at Bay Square Park mall in Green Bay! (My new friend!) I decided to get this lighter blue pair with ripped knees – a perfect addition to any gal’s summer wardrobe as we head into SS17. Winning!


Levi Jeans – RRP $54.50 – approx $27 on SALE (similar here)

3) The Coach designer handbag and purse.

I am absolutely in love with this final purchase. I have been wanting a
designer handbag for a long time as I didn’t previously own a designer
handbag. The closest thing I had to designer is my Fossil handbag which
I bought in the staff shop when I used to work in the UK head office.
As my Fossil bag is black, I thought I would go with tan for my Coach bag (another
classic colour). At one third of the recommended retail price, there was
no way I could pass on the opportunity to buy this little number from the Oshkosh
Outlet Mall. And I just HAD to get the matching purse. (When in Rome, right?) This set is
so pretty, it really does hurt my eyes.

Coach New York Handbag – RRP $295 – approx $95 on SALE

Coach New York Purse – RRP $150 – approx $40 on SALE

I don’t understand how tourists can come to America and not leave with a suitcase full of shopping. It’s like, impossible! We’re lucky that we can access a lot of American brands in the UK, but the prices are never as friendly as we have to import the goods. Furthermore, as I don’t plan to be back in America for a little while, I thought I’d stock up while I could.

America, I love you! I will be back.


(Please note that this post contains sponsored links by Ralph Lauren.)

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