April Homeware Haul Featuring Debenhams and Primark

April 13, 2017

I’ve been home a few weeks now since my recent trip to
Wisconsin and, after spending a bit of time while I was over there picking up
bargains in the US of A (see the haul post here), it wasn’t long before
I had a sudden urge to head to some of my favourite UK chains and see what’s on
offer in my own country.

Spring/Summer lines are predominantly filtering their way
into the UK high street stores, with some chains still trying to dispose of A/W
16 pieces. However, there are also plenty of opportunities at select stores to
pick up discounted lines in the mid-season Spring sales.

I am currently in the process of building an office in my
bedroom. This is going to be a little area that’s cute and homely, yet
professional, where I can go to when I’m in serious blogging and freelance
writing mode (watch out for an upcoming post where I go into detail on my newfound
chosen career path). Therefore I’ve been looking for homeware pieces of late to
fill said office space.

I was in Debenhams the other day as I love their homeware;
it’s such good quality but also purse-friendly! It’s even more purse-friendly
at the moment, as there is currently sale across the entire store, and you can
get a further 20% off when you order online if you visit this website.
There are also other deals and promotions for Debenhams on this site so make
sure you check it out so you don’t miss out!

I bought this lovely ‘Sheer Vanilla’ fragranced candle at a
discounted price, which I thought would sit pretty on my new desk. It will
bring a little bit of sunshine to my office space with its yellow lid; oh and
did I mention that it smells absolutely divine?

Candle – Debenhams – Was £6.50, Now £4.55

Furthermore, Primark is currently offering some bargain dreamy homeware pieces. Observe: 

I fell in love with this inspiration board when I first saw it.
I thought it would look perfect hanging above my desk and I can fill it with
photos, pictures and quotes that will make me smile as I work!

Inspiration Board – Primark – £6

Along with the inspiration board, I just had to buy this amazing
Unicorn cushion to prop me up while sitting on my desk chair. Not only do I
love Unicorns, but my boyfriend always tells me off for being ‘too sassy’.
(Meant to be or what?) 

Cushion – Primark – £5

This came hand in hand with a notebook that reads ‘Part
Mermaid Part Unicorn… Therefore Completely Awesome’. (I love mermaids too!)
This super adorable notebook will make a great addition to my desktop as
somewhere I can scribble down my endless jobs and to-do lists. Winner, winner,
chicken dinner.

Notebook – Primark – £2.50

All four of these items that feature in this homeware haul
just seemed to have my name on them; it’s almost like they were made with my
office in mind! I can’t wait to put them in my new space and, at less than £20
for the whole lot, you can’t blame me for not being able to resist.

Enjoy your nice, long Easter weekend!


(Please note that this post contains sponsored links by Codesium.)

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