3 Fun Things to Do in Milwaukee for Couples

April 6, 2017

My recent trip to Wisconsin, where I was lucky enough to spend four whole weeks with my lovely American boyfriend, got off to a fantastic start in the state’s largest city.

Milwaukee is seriously pretty, mainly because it’s on the edge of Lake Michigan. This serious prettiness was emphasised further during our weekend there by the fact that it had just snowed the day before. All the buildings, roads and parks were sprinkled with white like a winter wonderland.

And it’s not just prettiness; it turns out this charming place has a lot to offer.

Need specifics? Read on for 3 fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples.

1) Take a Walk Along the Riverfront

Fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples 101: head downtown.

However pretty, the snow meant that we couldn’t walk too far or for too long without shivering ourselves silly as the temperature continued to drop significantly below freezing.

That said, as we were already staying downtown, we managed to make the trip along the riverfront to the Public Market. (And it was worth the journey, trust me!)

Milwaukee’s Public Market is a rather quirky, indoor set of stalls and vans offering food and drink from independent local merchants. The market’s official website describes it as ‘bursting with unique, high-quality selections of artisan and ethnic products’ which I can definitely vouch for. Everything looked and smelled amazing!

fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples

2) Visit the Art Museum

Another one of the top fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples: Milwaukee’s art museum aka every art lover’s dream. Fun fact: it’s one of the largest galleries in the USA with over 25,000 works of art.

As someone who loves and appreciates art, I was a little bit in heaven.

Furthermore, it’s not just the art itself that is very impressive. You cannot help but look on in awe at the architecture of the building. It’s such a uniquely shaped building with a beautifully modern, light and airy interior.

fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples

3) Eat Brunch at Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro

Bartolotta’s offer what’s called a ‘classic brunch’ which is four courses of yumminess. It starts with fresh croissants and then you can choose an appetiser, entree and dessert and wash it all down with a casual Mimosa, or two, at 10am on a Sunday.

Both the presentation and taste of the food were stunning, along with the restaurant views. You see, this place is not only known for the food but also for the fact that it’s perched right on the end of Lake Michigan.

On the particular day that we went, there was ice covering some of the lake which meant that the water was glistening and gleaming in the morning sun. It was also gorgeous two-tone blue in colour.

The whole experience took my breath away! An absolute must do and perhaps my favourite out of the best fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples.

fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples

fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples

Exploring Fun Things to Do in Milwaukee for Couples

Along with the above, I’m sure that there are plenty of other fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples.

Having said that, unfortunately, we didn’t get the chance to take advantage of them due to our limited time frame.

If you live nearby or you’re thinking of heading to Milwaukee anytime soon, make sure you explore the different options on offer.

I really enjoyed our weekend getaway and I look forward to visiting the city again soon! I’m growing fonder and fonder of it by the minute.


Have you been to this Wisconsin city? What else would you recommend in terms of fun things to do in Milwaukee for couples? Let me know in the comments!

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