Another May Matalan Haul

I did something naughty.

I’m meant to be saving at the moment, specifically for when my American
boyfriend visits at the beginning of June, but I accidentally went to Matalan last weekend.

I may have had a slip whilst I was there. Somehow a few items,
tripped, fell and ended up in my basket. Then I had no choice but to pay for

It was totally not on purpose. But, ahem… It happened.

Like I first explained in this ‘May Matalan Haul’ post last
year (hence why I had to call this one ‘ANOTHER May Matalan Haul’),
I can never visit my closest Matalan without buying something. It’s like, literally, impossible.

Matalan’s fashion game is strong at the moment. I also can’t
get enough of the pyjamas… And don’t get me started on the homeware! It’s all so pretty and… Affordable.

So, yes, I may have made a small error in judgement
choosing to go into the store when I know what it does to me, but I only spent
just over 30 squid for this little haul. That’s not bad at all really, is it?

Firstly I picked up these ‘K’ babies from the homeware
section. I saw the mug before anything else and instantly fell in love. Anyone who knows me
knows that I drink coffee like it’s water, especially in the morning when I
need to get going with the freelance writing biz (read all about my new venture
here). Not only is the gold ‘K’ (for Katie) and polkadot design all shiny and cute, but the
mug is a perfect size for my daily Lattes. Win, win!

Then I saw this matching ‘K’ pineapple-shaped trinket tray and
I just HAD to have it. I recently bought a trinket tray when I was in Door
County in Wisconsin back in March for my GOLD rings, but I so desperately
wanted one for my SILVER rings (which I seem to have more of!) Thank you,
Matalan! You’ve now solved all my trinket tray problems. Also I’m still crushin’
on pineapples as a homeware motif from last season – let’s face it, who ain’t?

Next, I hit up the fashion section.

I saw this leopard print dress and was like *heart-eyed emoji*! Not only
is it monochrome, which I tend to be wearing more and more of as I age, but it
has those seriously adorable frilly flute sleeves that are taking over SS17
womenswear right now. Plus, it has a choker piece! An actual choker piece! You
guys know how obsessed I am with chokers! (If you don’t know then where have
you been? Check out this post to bring you up to speed.) It was love at first sight.

My final purchase was a bit of an ‘I refuse to be an adult’
rebellious kind of thang. That’s right, I bought Disney pyjamas. I’m 26, and I
bought Beauty and the Beast pyjamas. To be honest, I don’t really care if you
think I’m a massive, overgrown child – because Beauty and the Beast is COOL. It
was cool when it came out in the 90’s, it was cool when I was growing up and it’s
still cool now thanks to the live re-make that recently came out featuring Emma
Watson and Dan Stevens. (By the way, did you see that? It was SO GOOD.) But
yes, I digress, don’t you think these pyjamas are amazing? I particularly love
the print on the shorts with the rose in the glass container, Lumiere, Mrs
Potts and Chip! I’ve been wearing them every night since I bought them and they’re
so darn comfy. Yay for Disney!

I’m super happy with all of these Matalan purchases, even
though I’m not supposed to be spending – but it was totally worth it! Maybe
next time I should go to the store when I can actually spend money there… Or maybe not, because that is
oh-so-very dangerous. I might end up buying out the whole store!

‘K’ Polkadot Mug – £5

‘K’ Pineapple-Shaped Trinket Tray – £3

Monochrome Leopard Print Dress – £14

‘Beauty and the Beast’ Pyjamas – £12 

Until next time…


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