Dream Scribe is Live!

How’s it going, guys?!

This is just a bit of a life update SLASH shameless plug.

As many of you already know, I recently launched my own freelance writing business. (Yes, that’s right – I’m officially self-employed and I’M LOVING IT.)

In the two months that I’ve been freelance writing, I’ve managed to bag myself a fair few clients! Everything is progressing amazingly well! And I feel incredibly lucky waking up in the morning knowing that I get to do something I LOVE for a living.

Alongside collaborating with clients, I’ve been working hard to develop my professional business website. And I’m so excited that I can now share it with you all!

You can read all about Dream Scribe, my freelance writing business, HERE.

I also wrote a post, not too long ago, all about how freelance writing is the best job in the world (even though I may be just a LITTLE biased) HERE.

If you fancy being nosy and checking out the projects that I’ve been working on the last couple of months, you can do so HERE.

Oh and it goes without saying – if you, or anyone else that you know, ever require a freelance writer – JUST HOLLA at me. I specialize in blog posts and articles for fashion and travel publications.

I’m currently away for the week DARN SARTH with my lovely American boyfriend who is visiting from the US of A. We are spending a few days in Brighton (which I’d previously never been to) before heading off to London for a couple of days.

FYI I’m rapidly falling in love with Brighton, so look out for an upcoming blog post (or two) about this stunning seaside town in the next couple of weeks!

Until then – thanks for all your support with my business! Have a great week!


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