Make Way for Mermaid Make-Up Brushes

There seems to be an obsession right now in gal world. An obsession that is slowly taking hold, turning even the strongest of independent ladies into helpless conformists. We’ve decided we don’t want to be women anymore. We want to be mermaids.

Mermaids are just so cool, aren’t they? With their long beach-wavy hair, starfish-shaped bras and swishy fish tails, you can’t help but be in awe of them. Whether you’re a male or female, old or young, you can’t deny that they’ve got style. They’ve got sass. They own the ocean.

I blame Ariel from Disney’s The Little Mermaid for kick-starting my obscene obsession.

Mermaids may be classed as mythical creatures, but the fact they’re at the forefront of folklore of many cultures worldwide, I’m helplessly intrigued by them. I mean, what if they were real? 

What if they really did live at the bottom of the sea, helping defenceless crew survive after their ships sink? What if they did have a leader in the form of King Triton who ruled all the oceans? What if they really did think they could use a fork to brush their hair instead of a normal hairbrush?

Okay, I might be getting a little ahead of myself. Or maybe I’ve just watched The Little Mermaid too many times.

Regardless of their questionable status, it’s not just me – everybody seems to be going a little mermaid-crazy this summer. Especially when it comes to mermaid-style make-up brushes. 

These mermaid make-up brushes absolutely blew up when they first hit the blogosphere last season. And can you really blame them? I mean, just look how dreamy they are.

I bought these little beauties on eBay the other day. At £2.45 each, they’re an absolute steal! Not only are the brushes two-tone, but they are soft and fluffy in texture, giving you the perfect coverage when you apply your foundation, blusher or highlighter.

Then there’s the actual brush handles… They’re (gasp) shaped like a mermaid tail! How divine. Plus the brushes themselves are super soft! I simply can’t get enough.

Whether you go bold with the rose gold colour way, opt for the ombre purple and blue handle, or (like me) are determined to own them both, these brushes are truly fabulous. And they’ll aid you in embracing your inner mermaid in no time.

J’adore them!

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