My Favourite August Articles

What’s goin’ on, guys and gals?

I don’t know if you saw, but last month I wrote a blog post telling you all about 5 of my favourite articles that I’d written during my freelance writing journey thus far.

I’ve since decided to make this into a monthly thang, because my freelance writing work seems to be a topic of interest to you all at the moment! A lot of you want to know all the juicy details regarding how I’m getting on, the pieces I’m writing on a daily basis, and the types of clients I’m actually writing for.

Well, I’m happy to oblige!

My advice to you, after reading this post of course, is to start with my freelance writing blog. Then simply go from there!

As for me, I’m still writing in the fashion, travel and dating niches as a general rule. However, last month, I actually wrote primarily in the fashion and dating/relationships niches. Here are 5 of my favourite articles I wrote in August.


1. SS17: The Season of Texture

This was a trend-based piece for luxury Italian fashion brand Scarci, where I talk through the key textures of the Spring/Summer season. 

I used the menswear SS17 designer catwalks as inspiration and tied it in with Scarci’s current collections.

2. What is High Street Fashion?

Many Americans aren’t quite familiar with British term ‘high street fashion’.

In this piece, I explore what is meant by this term, where it originated from and the key fashion brands that are on the high street at the moment.

3. In Her Closet: Katie Davies’ 5 Fashion Must-Haves

I was initially approached through this blog by fashion retailer Obsessory. The aim was to do a guest post based on the 5 fashion staples I believe all women should have in their wardrobes.

I define the rationale for each of my 5 choices, including where you can currently get your hands on these items! I also posted the article on this blog here.

Dating and Relationships

4. 12 Things That are Guaranteed to Happen on a Single Girls’ Night Out

Side note: I’m really enjoying writing for women’s online magazine The Bolde, which is all about empowering women in their relationships, and in their lives in general.

This article was super fun to write! We all remember those crazy single nights out we’ve had with our friends… I mean – how could we forget them, right? I talk about 12 things that always seem to occur on said nights out, when you and your gals are all out together, having fun, and likely intoxicated.

5. I Wear the Pants In My Relationship and I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way

(Or trousers, if you’re British.)

In a relationship, there’s always one of you who’s considered the leader. The one in charge. The one that wears the pants/trousers.

In this article, I talk about why I class myself as the one in charge in my relationship and why I’m so very happy about it! (Sorry, boyfriend – but I’m not sorry!)

That’s all for this one, folks! I hope you enjoy reading some of my recent articles, and I’ll be posting more of my published work next month!

If you can’t wait that long, check out my portfolio page here, as I try to update that as regularly as I can.

Oh and, if you need a writer for anything, anything at all – then hit me up at

As always, thanks for reading! And thanks for all your support, you babes. YOU DA BEST <3

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