7 Things I Miss About England When I’m Away

It’s been a while since I’ve been back in my home country. Over six weeks, in fact.

Why, I hear you ask?

Well, I’m across the pond. I’m in the USA visiting my American boyfriend, who lives in Green Bay. Come Saturday though, I’ll be on that hairy plane back to Manchester.

Have I loved my time in Wisconsin? Oh, for sure. But do I look forward to coming home? You betcha.

Why? Simply put: there’s no place like England. Am I right or am I right?

Here are 7 things I miss about England when I’m away.

1. The accents.

Yes, I love the American accent. And I love the amount of people I get asking me how I am, or telling me to have a great day, even when I’ve only headed to McDonald’s for a cheeky Drive Thru McFlurry.

Americans might be extremely friendly, with an accent that’s wonderful on the ears, but I miss my dear Yorkshire folk.

I miss people greeting me with an “alright, mate” or “hey up, love”. I miss being stared at in the street and how miserable people look on their morning commute. I even miss being completely left alone when I visit shops on my local high street or ride the train into the city.

But, most of all, I miss the wonderful English accents. We have such variety in our country with an array of interesting accents – and I cannot wait to hear them all again.

2. The food.

Sure, pancakes, doughnuts, burgers and junk food are all good. But, after a while, I start to long for pie and mash and Wetherby Whaler’s famous fish and chips.

And don’t get me started on Yorkshire roast dinners. They’re pretty much a party in your mouth.

It’s also really difficult to get a good cup of tea here. When you order tea in a coffee shop, you tend to get an iced, sweetened version that simply isn’t right. It’s quite a distressing experience.

Give me a good ol’ Yorkshire brew any day.

3. The TV shows.

I might have my ol’ buddy, ol’ pal Netflix to keep me company whilst I’m over here, but what about the rest of the trashy TV shows that I know and love?

Made in Chelsea, Geordie Shore, TOWIE… I can’t get them via Google, I’ve already tried.

Thank goodness I’ve got the Kardashians to keep me going, or I might just start having a nervous breakdown.

4. The supermarkets.

Every supermarket looks and feels like Costco over here.

Yes, our supermarkets are smaller (oh Tesco, you bae <3), but they have everything that we need. And, on the whole, food is so much cheaper to buy in UK supermarkets.

I mean, $6 for a gluten free loaf of bread? No thanks, pal.

5. British fashion.

I can’t believe that it’s taken me until point number five to get onto the subject of fashion… I’m a fashion blogger and writer FFS!

But, it’s true – us Brits are well-known around the world for our unique sense of style. We also like to dress nicely, even for a casual affair, whereas a lot of other countries just throw on whatevs for a cheeky trip to Nando’s.

Also, street fashion is kind of a thing in England.

I miss being inspired by peeps just walking around our local shopping centre, and being able to nip to my favourite high street retailers whenever I want.

Topshop, H&M, New Look and Primark, you ma homegirls! I’ll be back soon <3

6. The charm of the communities.

We might be a small country, but my-oh-my, are we mighty!

One massive thing that I’ve learned since I’ve been away this time around is: our little villages and towns have so much character.

Even in small communities, there’s always things to do, nice walks you can take, and sights to see. You can’t walk anywhere in the US. You literally have to drive to get to your local corner shop.

Well, actually. They don’t have corner shops. Everything is on a much bigger scale.

The England communities might be more compact, but they’re just so bloody cute! Our country has charm in abundance.

And we’ve got that nice to stuff to look at everywhere. You know, the quintessential English countryside. There’s that.

7. My friends and family.

I love being away and getting to know a different place. This time to Wisconsin, in particular, I’ll have been here for seven weeks in total. I’m practically living with my boyfriend, as he just moved into a new apartment on his own right before I got here.

It’s been great, but it’s been a different experience – living like a local. But the one major thing that’s missing?

The rest of my loved ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with my amazing boyfriend, but I sure as hell miss all my other crazies – and my dog.

Friends and fam-a-lam, I’m so excited to see you all!


If only I could mix my two worlds so that I could have everything and everyone I love in one place, then I’d be the luckiest gal in the world. Maybe one day, eh?

In the mean time, I’m looking forward to being back in my home country with my own kind.

Because England is awesome. There’s absolutely no doubt about it <3

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