How to Perfect Wavy Hair All Year Round

It’s officially autumn, the mornings are dark and chilly, and we don’t even want to get out of bed – let alone have to mess with our hair before work or a long day of errand-running.

I totally get it.

This time of year, we just want to be able to get up and run out of the door last minute with minimal effort required. Oh, to be a Kardashian with our own team of hair stylists and make-up artists on hand everyday.


But, there is a hairstyle you can rock that only takes two minutes to complete, because you’ve done most of the hard work the night before.

Step forward, wavy hair.

You might have been fooled into thinking that wavy hair only looks good during the summer months, because it has that “just came from the beach” kind of appearance. But, I personally think that wavy hair looks awesome all year round.

I constantly get asked how I achieve my natural wavy hair look, so I thought I’d share my top tips in this post. You’re welcome!

1. Wash and condition your hair as normal.

First thing’s first, shampoo your hair and use a conditioner on it as normal. If you have thin hair, I recommend applying a volume-enhancing combo, or a shampoo or conditioner that caters primarily for hair that lacks thickness.

2. Use a repairing oil to nourish your hair.

Once you get out of the shower and you’ve brushed and towel-dried your hair, apply a repairing oil that will rehydrate your hair and enhance its natural shine.

I can’t survive without Moroccanoil and use a small five pence piece on my hair every time I wash it. It keeps my tresses nice and soft, as well as in a healthy condition.

3. Let your hair half-dry naturally.

I usually leave my hair to half-dry naturally. Or, if it’s winter and it’s freezing outside, I half-dry it with a hairdryer.

Either way, just make sure that your hair is only damp before the next step, and not sopping wet.

Nice one, pal.

4. Plait your hair.

Depending on your requirements for the end result, plait your hair accordingly. By this I mean: do French plaits if you want tighter, curlier waves, or normal pig-tail plaits if you want more carefree, loose-looking waves.

If you need a helping hand, simply call upon your roommate, Mum, neighbour – whatever works!

5. Leave your plaits overnight.

After plaiting my hair, I usually leave it overnight to dry.

My tip here is not to unleash your sexy, new, wavy mane until it’s completely dry. Sometimes I even leave my plaits in over two nights for a more defined wave.

6. Let down your hair and apply a smoothing cream.

Once you’ve taken out your plaits, simply run your fingers through your hair to separate the waves. Then, take a smoothing cream (I swear by VO5 Smoothly Does It Frizz Free Cream) and apply it through your tresses and across the top of your roots.

This smoothing cream will eliminate any flyaways, as well as encourage curl prominence.

7. Backcomb and style with hairspray to finish.

If your hair isn’t looking as wavy as you hoped, no worries – you can backcomb it at the roots using a tail comb for added texture and oomph.

The final step is to spritz your hair with hairspray and then you’re good to go!

It might be difficult to work out what works for you in terms of your ideal level of curl definition and overall aesthetic. But, once you do, it’s so worth it!

And you might just find that you’ve found a wavy hair look that you can wear all year round.


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