Monthly Round-Up: November 2017

If you’ve been following my blog since I started my freelance writing biz earlier this year, you’ll know that I’ve been creating the same type of post at the beginning of every month for the last few months. Each of these posts outlined five of my favourite articles that I’d written during the four weeks prior.

(Check them out here: August, September, October and November.)

However, I’m going to adapt this monthly post to include an overall round-up of my life, as well as my writing, and what I’m currently loving in terms of fashion, beauty and travel. I realise that some of you will be super interested in how my freelance writing business is going, and some of you just won’t give a monkeys! (Which is absolutely fine BTW – no judgements here :P)

Plus, it’s getting to a point where I’m struggling to pick just five articles to include in these monthly posts, as I’m constantly producing new content for my clients.

That being said, let’s dive right in, shall we?

November Roundup


Okay, hands up – who went a little crazy in the Black Friday sales?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I am GUILTY AS CHARGED.

I’d had my beady eye on a few bits and bobs from the high street for a while before Black Friday even rolled around… And then, as soon as it struck, I couldn’t help but pounce on those bargains yo.

My favourite pieces that I purchased included this dreamy River Island chunky knit cardigan, an ASOS blazer dress (one of the key pieces of A/W 17) and about 324 pairs of H&M’s luscious tassel earrings of the moment. (Okay, slight exaggeration. I didn’t buy 324 pairs – but I am currently in love with these tassel baes. #SORRYNOTSORRY)

Black Friday Fashion


I’m still a matte liquid lipstick addict, so nothing’s really changed in this respect. I can’t leave the house at them moment without applying one of my fave 3 lip colours for A/W 17.

I feel like an alien, like I don’t belong on this planet, if I don’t wear lipstick on the daily.

There’s something about it that makes me feel like I can’t survive life without it RN. I think I have a problem.

I’m also really digging metallic nails – is anyone else? They’re so sci-fi chic.

Kylie Jenner Dirty Peach


I recently returned from a trip to Green Bay in USA to see my boyfriend. We had a glorious time together, swanning off to Halloween parties, eating everything pumpkin-related and running up and down after each other when we both got sick.

Who says romance is dead?

I always enjoy visiting him in the States, but it also makes me realise how good we’ve got it in this country, in terms of its character and charm. Who doesn’t love the UK?

In fact, I missed my home country so much whilst I was away, that I wrote this post about it. British and proud <3

Couple at Fish Creek WI


Things are going super well for me at the moment from a business perspective.

As well as undergoing continuous and consistent freelance writing work, I’ve spent a lot of time recently revamping both this blog and my business website. (Did you notice?)

Neither is fully ready yet (bear with me), but I’m enjoying making some much-needed improvements!

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In terms of general life, although I wish I had Nathan closer to me, I’m happier than ever. And I can’t wait for Christmas – because Christmas truly is my favourite time of year!

Leeds Christmas Tree

Speaking of – I hope you all have a lovely Christmas!

Until next month, huns.