How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

January 24, 2018

Sure, it can be so difficult to be physically apart from your partner even if you only live a short car drive away from them, but spare a thought for some of us who live thousands of miles away from our Significant Others – and perhaps even with an ocean separating us. For us, we’re only able to see our partners after undertaking a very long, often very boring, plane journey.

(That’s your girl’s situation right here.)


Yes, it sucks. No, I can’t believe I’m doing it either. Yes, I have a lot of bad days. However, do I think it’s worth it? Hell to the yeah!

I’ve been in a long distance relationship with my American boyfriend for almost 14 months now. We see each other every two to three months by flying back and forth. Sometimes it feels like torture, but most of the time I can deal.

Why I hear you ask? Well, what can I say… He’s somethin’ special, bro. He ain’t getting rid of me that easily.

In a similar sort of situation? I got you, girl. Here are my top tips on how to make a long distance relationship work.

Long Distance Relationship

Talk Every Day

Captain Obvious here, but this one needs to be said because it’s amazing how many long-distance couples get it wrong. Whether it’s through Snapchat, WhatsApp or via Skype, make sure that you talk to your long distance lover every single day. Texting is all well and good, but using your voice actually makes the conversation feel a lot more personal and binding.

It doesn’t have to be for long if the time difference makes it difficult for you both, but daily communication is so important in a long distance relationship as it bridges all those physical miles between you and helps you feel connected.

Also, make sure you say good morning and good night to each other, as it shows that you’re thinking of the other person as soon as you wake up and the last thing at night before you go to sleep – and that feels kind of nice.

Always Have a Plan in Place for the Next Visit

Nathan and I always try and have solid travel plans in place for the next time one of us is going to visit the other. I mean, you kind of have to… Flights are expensive and they get booked up pretty quickly!

If you make a plan to plan your trips ahead of time, it always gives both you and your partner something to look forward to, especially on bad days where you’re craving their touch or physical presence.

Counting down the days until the moment you meet face-to-face again is also kind of a comforting thing to do to keep you both going on a daily basis.

Make Use of Technology

Listen, we’re so lucky to have the technology that we have nowadays so you might as well make the most of it! For me, personally, FaceTime is a life-saver. Nathan and I primarily use video chat to talk as we like to be able to see each other. It makes us feel happier and more connected.

That being said, we also interact via social media by tagging each other in memes on Facebook and the like, which lets the other person know that we’re thinking of them.

Technology is fun and we probably wouldn’t be able to keep up with our long distance relationship without it, so make sure that you embrace it with open arms.

Arrange Date Nights

Nathan and I have nights where we arrange FaceTime or Skype dates so we can do the things that we would do if we were actually together – like cook a meal, have a glass of wine or even watch a film. This helps to keep the spark alive and also makes you feel like you’re spending quality time together – even though you’re not actually with each other.

FYI, you can still be romantic in a long distance relationship. In fact, the whole “two lovers torn apart by geographical distance” thing can make your relationship seem even more romantic. You know, like the olden days. Swoon.

Send Each Other Cute Gifts

Even though materialism isn’t everything, sending each other cute gifts when you’re in a long distance relationship lets the other one know that you’re thinking of them, regardless of whether it’s a special occasion or not.

The gift can be something virtual if you’re on a tight budget, but receiving something physical through the post can mean so much more when you’re so far apart (like Christmas has come early)!

For example, I’ll be sending Nathan these cute retro prints from Printiki (*) for Valentine’s Day. They illustrate our relationship and all the things we’ve done and places we’ve been together so far – and I just know that he’s really going to love and appreciate ’em.

Valentines Day Photo Collage

(You can use my code “5DT8ZG” at the checkout on Printiki’s website to receive free shipping.)

Whether big or small, a small gift shows appreciation for your SO when you’re so far away from each other. True story.

Have an End Goal in Mind

Presuming you don’t want to be in long distance relationship forever (I mean – who does, right?), make sure you’re both open and honest with each other with regards to your future plans. It’s important to keep the lines of communication open, talk about adapting your situation regularly and both work towards a common end goal.

Things might not seem clear at first; but if you both truly love each other, you’ll be able to work out a plan to ultimately be closer to each other.

Surviving a Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships sure are challenging, but it is possible to get through them. Sometimes you don’t have a choice if you’re adamant you’ve met your one (like I am) or you’re already married.

The trick is to stay emotionally connected as much as possible to make up for the physical aspect being missing. And if you’re successful, it’ll make your relationship even stronger as a result.

Hey, if I can do it – you can do it too. Here’s to love conquering all <3


Have you ever been in a long distance relationship? What are your top tips? Let me know in the comments below!

(Please note that this was a collaborative post but all opinions are my own. For my full privacy policy, please click here.)

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