10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him or Her

According to my calendar, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. That’s right, folks! The day of love, and appreciation for your other half, is almost upon us.

You might argue that you don’t need a day of the year to appreciate your SO, or Significant Other. However, if you are looking to get your partner a little special somethin’ somethin’ just to remind them how much you actually care, you’re probably leaning towards the unusual.

After all, how many non-original gifts can one receive year upon year before it starts to feel a little too samey?

If you’re looking for unique Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him or her, I can help you out. In fact, here are 10 of them.

(You’re welcome!)

Valentine's Day

1. What I Love About You Journal by Knock Knock

This little journal by Knock Knock is super cute. It has fill-in-the-blank lines on each of its 112 pages where you can describe an aspect of affection for a loved one, like what it is about them that makes you smile. Simply take 10 minutes of your time to complete it and voila, you’re left with a unique and personal Valentine’s Day gift.

2. Valentine’s Day Chocolate Hamper by Highland Fayre Hampers

Okay, so… Chocolate might not be the most original gift for your loved one. But, what if it came in an adorable little hamper complete with a soft, cuddly teddy bear fwend? And, what if it wasn’t just any old chocolate? What if the hamper contained Luxury Belgian Chocolates, Lindt Truffles and Dark Chocolate Pastilles? Sold.

3. “Our Adventure Book” Scrapbook by XIDUOBAO

The cutest idea if you guys have done a lot of travelling together, or plan to head off into the sunset together anytime soon, this “Our Adventure Book” can be used as a scrapbook or photo album to showcase all your favourite travel pics. Beautiful and timeless, it’s a super stylish and classy way to store and present your coupley photos.

4. Love Lock Engraved Padlock by Buy It Sell It

A certainly unusual, and yet undeniably awesome, gift for Valentine’s Day, this engraved padlock adds a touch of sentiment to the proceedings. Whether you’ve just moved in together, or are heading to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris in the near future, you can engrave a personalised message onto the lock to show your special someone just how much they mean to you.

5. Rose 24K Gold Plated Home Decoration by Home Comfort and Accessories

A cute and contemporary twist on the traditional Valentine’s Day flowers, this gift won’t die a few days after you buy it. (Result!) Plated in 24K gold, the base states the word “Love” which would look super striking on a bedside table or chest of drawers. The rose flower also has an undeniable resemblance to the magical rose in Beauty and the Beast, making it ideal for any Disney fanatics.

6. Bath Bombs by PURENJOY

Struggling with what to buy your other half for Valentine’s Day, but know that they’re into their baths? Then this one’s for you! Natural and handmade, this bath bomb gift set from PURENJOY comes as a set of seven, with each one having their own unique flavour. As well as smelling divine and turning your bath into a sexy haven, they come beautifully presented in a sassy gift box.

7. “Lots of Love” Retro Sweet Treat Box by Moreton Gifts

Again, it’s not the most original idea to buy your loved one some kind of sweet treat for Valentine’s Day. However, I bet you never considered buying them retro sweets now, did you? This assortment of love treats by Moreton Gifts has 20 different variations, and also comes in a “Lots of Love” box which can fit through any UK letterbox. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

8. Date Night Decider by UK Party Games

How cool is this novelty Date Night Decider by UK Party Games? A great Valentine’s Day present, simply spin the arrow to decide on one of the 16 fun date ideas. Completely original, yet cheap as chips, one thing’s for sure: you’ll never be stuck on deciding what to do for date night again.

9. Yankee Candle 3 Sampler Gift Set by Yankee Candle

Ideal for couples who’ve got their own home, or any avid Yankee Candle lovers, this 3 Sampler Valentine’s Day gift set from Yankee Candle contains a trio of sumptuous fragrances that are all designed to create a romantic atmosphere. Each set contains 1x Strawberry Buttercream, 1x True Rose and 1x Black Cherry candle, and I can vouch that they really do smell a treat!

10. Set of 300 Deep Red Rose Petals by Weddingandpartystore

Skint and need a Valentine’s Day gift as cheap as possible? Then look no further! For less than a quid, you can buy your other half some fancy rose petals and sprinkle them all over their home, and in their bath, to amp up the romance factor. Available in an array of colours, as well as deep red, it’s an ideal gift for those couples who say that they’re not doing gifts this year. *Winking emoji*


It’s true that you don’t have to buy your SO a gift on Valentine’s Day to let them know how much you appreciate them, but sometimes it’s just nice to join in the festivities. Right?

After all, love should always be celebrated, as true love is hard to find.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, everybody!