Never Forget Your Blogging Roots Featuring THAT Aviator Jacket

February 28, 2018

Monki Aviator Jacket

First off, big apols.


Because it’s been a while since I did a post like this – a post where I focused purely on a key piece or a look created by little old moi and had it photographed by my Mummy or my super hawt American squeeze.

(This is what happens when you’re too small of a biz to be able to afford a professional photographer to shoot your outfits… You have to recruit your loved ones. Again – thanks, guys!)

So, basically… Since I’ve been working as a freelance writer, which is a fair few months now, I’ve been experimenting a lot with the style of blogging content I produce and what works best for me and my “voice” if you like.

For my freelance writing clients specifically, I tend to have a specific structure and tone to my posts because that’s what the industry demands. You can no longer just write a journalistic type of blog post like this that’s like a diary entry and flows right off the tongue so-to-speak. Or you can, but it won’t be acceptable.

Why? Well, because nowadays it’s all about headings and formatting and SEO key phrases and OMG is this post going to rank well on Google? Because OMG, if it doesn’t… The universe might implode.

(Dun dun DUUUNNN.)

Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do for my freelance writing clients. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some super cool brands and creative people in the little time I’ve been doing this for a living.

However, if I’m honest, I’ve missed blogging like this. I’ve missed typing in the exact tone that the little voice speaks to me inside my head and not having to worry about stuffing in keywords or correcting broken external and internal links.

Is this post going to rank well for SEO after I’ve done? Probably not.

But, why is it that we can’t blog like we used to blog anymore? Even if it’s just every now and then. For fun. For old times’ sake.

Confession: sometimes I miss the online diary that I started back at university. A place where I could ramble authentically (and sometimes in a noncohesive manner) for like half an hour and then hit publish instantaneously without having to go back and re-read it all five hundred times before optimising it for SEO. *Gasps for air*

Contrary to popular belief, blogging in the year 2018 certainly isn’t straightforward. In fact, it’s damn hard work.

Our blogging roots have evolved so much in the last few years. There’s now more content online than ever before, which means that there’s more competition from other bloggers and it’s more challenging to get your content in front of an audience.

(How many times can I say “more” in a sentence?)

That’s why I’ve decided to bring back the blog post circa 2012 every now and again. The blog post, like this, that doesn’t have a specific purpose – other than to show you my new aviator jacket and have a quick ramble about how much I love it.

Why I hear you ask? Well, because I miss it, because this is how blogging started, and because you should never forget the roots of something you love – or why you love it.

After all, isn’t this why we all started blogging in the first place?

Therefore I invite you, fellow bloggers, to bring the original, online journal-style post back into your content every now and then. Forget SEO, forget your content schedule and forget having to blog for a specific purpose (like plug a brand or service).

Do it simply because you used to love it. And because, even though it’s 2018 and you’ve come a long way as a blogger, you’ll never forget your blogging roots.

Now, who’s with me?

Blogging Roots

I’m wearing:

 Aviator Jacket РMonki at ASOS (similar)

Skinny Jeans – Levis (similar)

White Converse – ASOS (here)

Lavender Jumper – Matalan (similar)

Gold Aviator Glasses – ASOS (similar)

Monki Aviator Jacket

Do you miss your blogging roots or are you happy with the industry how it is now? Let me know in the comments below!

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