15 of the World’s Biggest Blogger Problems 

March 28, 2018

Some people think that blogging life is so glamorous. Between gifted items, PR events and working with some of the country’s most well known and loved fashion brands, it’s easy to understand why.

However, did you know that some of us get serious blogger problems?

If you’re familiar with the blogging world or you’re a blogger yourself, you’ll know that there’s definitely another side to blogging. A side that’s slightly less glamorous and perhaps completely different to what the masses would expect.

And sometimes it makes us all want to tear our hair out with frustration.

Yes, I’ve been there. (Perhaps you have too?)

Here are 15 of the world’s biggest blogger problems that all bloggers can relate to.

Blogger Problems

The Most Common Blogger Problems

1. When you’re trying to take an outfit shot in the street using that pretty pink wall of a building that you’ve had your eye on for FOREVER, and about a million and one people are walking past looking at you like you’re an alien from mars… Because OMG who takes outfit photos in the street?! (Well, apparently we do.)

2. When you’re dying to show your Insta following the cute bae of a top you’ve just seen in Primark or another high street chain and then get approached by a security guard and told to delete it pronto because it’s against corporate rules. (Damn you, head offices everywhere.)

3. When you’re desperately trying to get the perfect selfie from your bedroom window to update your Gram, but it’s raining outside and you can’t afford to invest in a ridiculously expensive ring light. Hello dark, grainy photo–my old friend.

4. Getting excited when you see new emails in your inbox with ‘Let’s collaborate!’ in the title, only to find out that Ronny from company X wants to help you grow your Insta if you pay him or Jeremiah from brand Y wants you to splash them all over your social media but will only give you a 40% discount code. Um no thanks, pal. I’m not going to pay you to promote your brand.

5. Jumping around with joy when your Insta following shoots up by several people in one day–but then feeling extremely deflated when it shoots back down again by the time you wake up the next morning. The follow/unfollow struggle is real.

6. Telling people you blog for a living and getting *THAT* weird look like you’ve just told them that the earth is square instead of a sphere.

7.When you spend all night writing a KICKASS blog post or shooting an awesome YouTube video that you believe is your best one yet, only to be trolled by ‘anonymous’ as soon as it goes live. IF YOU’RE GOING TO TROLL ME, AT LEAST TELL ME YOUR NAME YOU SPINELESS PIECE OF SH*T.

8. When you’ve put a whole day/afternoon/hour aside to do blogging stuff and then your WiFi won’t work/you can’t remember your WordPress password/your laptop keeps crashing (delete as applicable).

9. When you spend hours editing, proofreading and getting your blog post ready for publication, only to find out later on that the latest version hasn’t saved. Life = ruined.

10. When you’ve just started the most amazing photo shoot and the lighting is point and then your camera battery decides to die. What do you mean I’ll have to re-shoot this all again? Do you honestly think I’ve got time for this, world? DO YOU?!

11. When your iPhone storage is almost at full capacity because of the 3,874,839 photos you’ve taken for blogging purposes. Gurl got to get the right shot, innit.

12. When you wake up in the middle of the night with a ton of great blog post ideas, but then forget them all by the time it comes to morning. Siiighhh.

13. When you spend ages editing your latest Insta photo, only to upload it onto your feed and realise that it doesn’t fit in with your theme WHATSOEVER. Boy, bye.

14. When you put a bunch of affiliate links in a blog post, but nobody ever clicks on them or the items sell out really fast and you have to constantly re-link similar items.

15. Trying to recruit a makeshift photographer in the form of your mum or boyfriend, but nobody being available so having to rely on your tripod as your new boo. You da best, tripod–YOU DA BEST.

Overcoming Blogger Problems

Even though we all experience these blogger problems from time to time, like with anything, blogging has its good sides too!

For that reason, as much as we complain about the downsides sometimes, most bloggers wouldn’t change it for the world.

After all, blogging is a lot of fun, it enhances our creativity and it means that we’re part of an awesome community of like-minded people.

YAS QUEENS. Here’s to us!

Blogger Problems

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