How You Know That You’ve Met Your Love Match

June 13, 2018

It’s almost time for me to head back to England again after a glorious few weeks in the USA with my love match, and it’s got me thinking (as always).

A lot of people ask me HOW ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH I manage to do this long distance relationship thingy. I mean, I only get to see my other half once every couple of months, we have to rely on FaceTime to communicate, and I can’t just call him and ask him to come over for cuddles if I’m having a crappy day or it’s that time of the month.


Sure, a long distance relationship has its challenges, but so does any relationship. I guess I persevere and I get through it because I know that this is it for me.

This is THE ONE.

It’s kind of scary to say, but if I truly feel it then why not say it?

I think you can tell pretty quickly when you know that you’ve got a keeper for the long run. You know, the one that you can see yourself getting married to and having babies with and OMG let’s get a dog too, because why the heck not?

Even if it’s not obvious at first like HEY HUMAN, I CHOOSE YOU FOR LIFE, that shit kind of sneaks up on you eventually.

Here’s how you know that you’ve met your love match.

Katie Davies Beach   Two Rivers Wisconsin

Classic American Style

You want the same things.

You know you guys are both in this for the long haul when you have the same priorities.

Because DUH it’s not going to work out if he wants to move to Australia for five years to “find himself” and you’re like LOL, no – I’m a proper home bird. 

In fact, you’re both in agreement about what exactly you want from life and when, and it’s just about getting on with it. Your relationship is simple and as easy as A, B, C (1, 2, 3).

You perfectly compliment each other.

He’s the ying to your yang, the key to your lock, the peas to your carrots… Need I say more?

You guys just seem to fit together and E’RYBODY notices it. He makes up for the qualities that you lack and vice versa, and TBH you just can’t help being completely smitten with one another.

You feel physically and emotionally fulfilled.

As well as being able to talk to him about your deepest and darkest secrets, you know that you’ve met your match if he’s also your equal in the bedroom. *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.*

It’s pointless having a guy that you can talk to about anything and everything if he can’t satisfy you physically. I’m not saying that he has to be an expert at sex, but you should have great sexual chemistry when you’re together.

Otherwise, he might not be THE ONE. #justsaying

He calls you out on your shit…

…And you’re comfortable enough to call him out on his. Long gone are the boyfriends of the past that didn’t know how to challenge you in an argument or challenged you too much and turned you into a lesser version of yourself.

Nah, THIS guy has you all figured out. He ain’t afraid to tell you when you’re being a twat (which, don’t feel bad, we all are from time to time) and you’re not afraid to tell him when he’s being unreasonable either.

You squash arguments quickly.

Having said that, you do argue from time to time because you call each other out on your BS, but you manage to squash those arguments kind of quickly.

Why? Because you freakin’ hate fighting with each other. It doesn’t sit well with you both and you can’t wait until you’re back to being best mates again.

I mean, who can be arsed with arguments anyway? Life’s too short.

He makes you a priority in his life.

He’s a winner if he’s proud to be seen with you and wants to make you happy, no matter what the cost.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that he forfeits other areas of his life and makes you his everything because that would be extremely unhealthy. Rather, he prioritises you and makes you feel important to him, which only strengthens your bond.

*Happy dance.*

You make each other belly laugh.

When I say that you make each other laugh, I’m talking about those times where you’re both giggling so much that a little bit of pee comes out. 

He’s one of the only people who can make you belly laugh like that, and it’s a good job.

Why? Because when you’re old, you’re grey and your looks have faded, laughing and good conversation is all you have. 

True story.

He treats you like a queen.

You know you’ve met your love match if he’s an old-school gentleman and likes to open doors for you, allows you to order first at a restaurant, and generally cares about your health and wellbeing.

He wants to spoil you on a regular basis and it feels BLOODY LOVELY. I’m not talking about being financially spoilt as we’re badass independent ladies who can buy their own shit; but, rather, he wants to spoil you with his time, energy, and efforts.

Oh, and he doesn’t mind playing Instagram Husband for all your social media needs. Buzzing.

You can fart in front of him…

…I know that there’s this taboo about whether you should or shouldn’t fart in front of your other half, but we’re all human beings and we all fart. #NoShame

I actually think it’s a really good sign if you’re THAT comfortable with a BF that you’re happy to fart in front of him. And if he’s THE ONE, he ain’t gonna give a tiny rat’s ass. In fact, he’ll happily fart in front of you too.

You’ve never felt this way before about anyone.

Nothing against your exes, but it just feels completely different with this boyo. Your love for each other is on another level than anything that you’ve ever experienced before in the past. And it feels simply wonderful to be in his presence.

The Perfect Love Match Rule 101

In summary, you know when you’ve truly met your love match when it feels like coming home every time that you see him. And, simply put, you just wouldn’t want to live your life without him.

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Do you think you’ve met your love match? How do you know? Let me know in the comments below!

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