50 Things That Make You Happy As a Millennial 

August 8, 2018

The weather is currently reflecting my sour mood.

Why? I’m writing this on a miserable, rainy Monday after a jam-packed weekend full of fun and frivolity with my friends and family.

Even though I work from home as a full-time freelance blogger and writer, I still sometimes wake up on a Monday morning wishing I could have another day off to recover from the previous weekend’s antics — especially when it’s been such an amazing one.


I always find reading lists of things that make you happy help a ton, mainly because it puts my incandescent moaning into perspective and makes me realise (once again) that life is, in fact, wonderful.

There are certain things which make me happy that I try to think of and do when I’m having a bad day in order to turn my frown upside down.

Being a millennial digital nomad, these things can often differ from the traditional “things that make you happy” lists. However, it doesn’t make them any less true.

If you need a little bit of a pick-me-up this fine Wednesday — I’m here for you, sister.

Read on for my list of 50 things that make you happy as a millennial. 

50 Things That Make You Happy

Katie Davies Blogger

  1. Good morning WhatsApp messages

Whether it’s from your mum, boyfriend or great Auntie Barbara, “good morning” WhatsApp messages from people who you care about make you feel like you’ve won before you’ve even started your day.

  1. Apologies from people you were never expecting to apologise

We all know how difficult it is to say, “I’m sorry” sometimes, so it’s super appreciated on the rare occasions that it happens when you honestly didn’t think it would.

  1. Random compliments from strangers

From “loving your shorts” to “you seem lovely”, any positive compliment from a stranger can brighten your day INSTANTLY.

  1. Freshly brewed coffee

…Especially when it’s just come from a latte machine and has a shot of Vanilla syrup in it. COME TO MUMMA.

  1. Walks in the rain

A controversial one but I love a good walk in the rain! Only light rain, mind, otherwise I become a little bit concerned about my hair. I am quite girly, I’ll have you know.

  1. Picking up wifi in a remote place

Gosh, if only you could pick up wifi so you could tell your Grandma Sue that you’re absolutely fine at the festival and she doesn’t have to worry and you’ll be popping in to see her first thing on Tuesday… OMG THERE YOU ARE, YOU LITTLE HUN. YAAASSS! Sue will be happy.

  1. Reading your favourite book

Even if you’ve already read it like, 324 times, your favey book is your favey for a reason. It always feels SO GOOD to immerse yourself in an interesting story and escape the world for a bit.

  1. Indulging in a passionate debate

Whether it’s with your stubborn Uncle Frank or employee #29 from the supermarket, talking about a subject that you’re really passionate about can put the sparkle back into your eyes on a bad day when you feel like you’ve had the life sucked out of you.

  1. Soft fleece blankets

…Especially if they’ve just come out of the washing machine. Oh hello, warm bundle of joy. 

  1. When you order an Uber and it’s only two minutes away

OMG I’m WINNING at life. 

  1. Quiet nights at home

…These usually consist of Netflix, hot bubble baths and casual scrolls through Instagram for me — and I’m all for ‘em. <3

  1. Uploading a photo on Instagram to realise that it doesn’t mess up your feed

SWEET MOTHER OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN, it just feels so satisfying when you upload your next photo on Insta and it goes perfectly with the rest of your feed. Wow — I’m a strategic visual wizard, and I didn’t even know it until now!

  1. Cool, misty mornings

You know, the ones that look a bit eery and mystical, like you’ve suddenly fallen into an episode of your favourite murder mystery.

  1. Road trips to somewhere new

California, Cornwall, Newcastle… As long as it’s a new destination and it involves a car journey with my favourite music and people, then I’m loving life.

  1. Movie marathons

Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter — COME AT ME, BRO.

  1. Being told that you are loved

Whether it comes from my BF, my best friend or a hot stranger on a night out, it’s always nice to hear these words. And if anyone says that it isn’t, they’re straight-up lying.

  1. Taking an Instagram-worthy selfie in just one shot

This rarely happens so, when it does, it’s just PERFECTION. Pose, click, OMG it’s actually nice! Save that sh*t to camera roll, man.

  1. Deep and meaningful conversations

I love those days or nights where you’re having a casual drink with a loved one, whether it’s a cocktail or a cup of coffee, and you’re sat there together just literally putting the world to rights. There’s nothing better.

  1. Exploring a new place with someone you love

We’ve covered road trips but, for this one, I’m talking about walking around and getting lost in a fascinating city that you didn’t realise would be all-that fascinating. It’s AWESOME.

  1. Finding your one to grow old with

Okay, okay — I had to put at least one soppy one in. But yes, the relief that you feel when you’ve found the one you think you’re supposed to be with for the rest of your life is pretty powerful in the BEST way.

  1. When Netflix has updated their “What’s New on Netflix” section

OMG there’s like TEN NEW THINGS I’ve never seen before that look REALLY GOOD and I just have to watch them NOW. Well, that’s my lazy Sunday sorted.

  1. Sunshine through the window

…Especially when rain was forecast and it’s not meant to be sunny.

  1. Binge-watching funny cat videos on YouTube

…Or makeup videos or haul videos (delete as appropriate) and wasting a whole afternoon with pure joy.

  1. Singing along to your jaaammm on the radio

…Especially when it’s just you in the car and you can scream it at the top of your lungs and do a bunch of air grabs. FAVOURITE.

  1. Finding someone who you know and liked from your past on Facebook

You know, the type of person from the olden days where you both met and really liked each other and they never did anything bad to you, you guys just drifted apart because you never got each other’s digits. Yes, THOSE PEOPLE. Thanks Facebook for allowing us to re-connect.

  1. Playing with cute animals

…Mainly my gorgeous cuddly cavapoo puppy Riley. He’s my little fluffykins for life!

  1. Cuddling up on the sofa on a rainy day with a good book

This one is EVEN BETTER if you have someone to cuddle up with. *Winking emoji*

  1. Clean bedsheets

The smell and freshness of bedsheets just trumps anything else 99% of the time — and it makes you sleep like THE BEST YOU’VE EVER SLEPT, which helps a lot.

  1. When Snapchat gets a new filter and it makes you look flames

Granted, I’m more of a fan of the Instagram Stories game these days, but sometimes Snapchat absolutely KILLS IT with their new filters. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like an exotic mermaid that looks like they’ve stepped straight out of a Disney film? Answer: no one.

  1. A caring text from your friend

You know, the friends who saw on social media that you’re having a bit of a poor day and they thought they’d text you just to say hey and that they’re there for you. YOU GUYS DA BEST.

  1. When a stranger loves the same nerdy thing as you

If I want to have a massive LOTR/HP/Game of Thrones fangirl moment at 10am with the guy who delivers my ASOS parcels then I bloody well will, thank you very much.

  1. Late night snacks

You know, those cheeky little naughties that you really shouldn’t have because you’re on a low-carb diet BUT HEY it’s late and you’re hungry so who the heck cares? Calories don’t count at midnight, right?

  1. Having someone hot match with you on Tinder

Now, being a loved up lady, this used to be one of my Wednesday wins but it ain’t anymore. However, I thought I’d put it in here for all your awesome singletons. (You’re welcome!)

  1. An overwhelming sense of gratitude

You know, the kind of grateful feels you get when you’re around at your parents for a Sunday roast and they’ve gone to a lot of trouble, or when your poor friend just got made redundant but you feel like you’ve got the most INCREDIBLE job in the world. Yes, those! <3

  1. When your Instagram photo gets 10 likes in the first few minutes

Like, WHAT IS THIS SORCERY? Usually, the crazy algorithm means that I’m lucky to get more than three likes in the first few minutes. BUT I LIKE YOU. YOU CAN STAY.

  1. Baking sugary treats

There’s something so simple yet so satisfying about baking a cake or scones or butterfly buns and then sharing them with your nearest and dearest. It kind of reminds you of being a kid but, now that you’re an adult, you can have as many sugary treats as you want and no one can tell you off. Win, win!

  1. Getting ready for a night out with the girls

A glass of wine, gossip, giggles, makeup, a catwalk show and dance tunes at the ready.

  1. Barbecues in hot weather

…Especially the first BBQ of the summer. It’s like BABYGIRL, where have you been? I’ve missed you so much!

  1. Listening to a really interesting podcast on your morning commute

Sure, the commute is long and dull, but it feels so much more bearable with a new podcast episode from your favourite audio artists.

  1. Thunderstorms when you’re cosy indoors

Oh, how I LOVE to watch the rain and lightning out of my window. It feels therapeutic somehow, right?

  1. Hot chocolates with whipped cream and marshmallows

‘Nuff said.

  1. Having a glass of wine on a Friday night to toast the weekend

It’s like, GOODBYE, long and hard week. HELLO, two days of pure bliss!

  1. Online shopping

Whether you’re buying a new toaster to replace your old one, browsing the high street’s latest clothing trends or purchasing a gift for your cousin Sally’s birthday, online shopping is just SO CONVENIENT and just SO GREAT. Love you, boo.

  1. Trips to the seaside

There’s something about being by the sea that is SO GOOD FOR THE SOUL, even if it’s just for a day. Breathe in that sea air, Y’all.

  1. Having just enough money left in your bank account to order the shoes you’ve had your eye on for months

FINALLY, gorgeous babies — you will be MINE.

  1. Receiving parcels as a result of your online shopping

It’s like Christmas has come early, right? EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

47. Date nights with your love

…Especially the ones that consist of good food, good wine and good chats. It makes you fall in love with your special person all over again. <3

48. When a post you mindlessly put on Facebook goes viral

Like you legit have NO IDEA when this is about to happen but it still feels oh so awesome regardless!

49. Reminiscing over old photographs

For 90s babies, most of our old photographs are still in old-school photo albums (well, until Facebook became a thing) and it’s great to get them out on random afternoons where you want to remember how cool you were in year 7. (Spoiler: You weren’t very cool at all. But it’s still fun to look back!)

50. Smiles from a stranger

Sometimes when you’re having a really poo day and nothing seems to be going right, a smile of a stranger can go a helluva long way! It’s always much appreciated on my end.

Katie Davies Freelance Writer

Things That Make You Happy as a Millennial

Keep smiling, dolls!

No matter how bad your day is or how much of a rough of a time you’re having, you have to remember that things WILL get better. After all, it’s life: you have to take the rough with the smooth.

And, until then, keep reading this list of things that make you happy in the hopes that you can make yourself feel good again!

You have totally got this.

Things That Make You Happy


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