How to Boss Your Workout Attire

December 12, 2018

With the new year fast approaching, it’s time to make those all-important resolutions.

It may be that you want a career change, you’ve decided to travel the world, or you just want to go one day without falling into the clutches of your ex.

(Yep, we’ve all been there.)

Alternatively, perhaps you’re like me and your new year’s resolutions reside around self-improvement. I mean, how are you supposed to live your best life in 2019 if you’re not looking and feeling like your best self?


This brings me nicely onto one of my key aims for next year: to get mentally and physically fit after one too many Christmas outings. Now, who’s with me?

I’ve recently started to get this party train going; however, one thing I’ve discovered is that if you’re going to do this (and do it well), then you’re going to need some kickass workout attire.

Why? Well, it’s extra motivation innit.

Need some help? Not to worry—I’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to boss your workout attire. Like a boss.

Katie Davies Freelance Writer

Embrace the Classics

Athleisure Wear

First thing’s first, there ain’t nothing wrong with embracing classic shapes and colours if it makes you feel good whilst you’re lifting those weights.

After all, because you’re going to be breaking a bit of a sweat (OK—a lot of sweat), it’s important to feel comfortable. Practicality is so important, especially if your workout is usually high intensity.

That’s why black, white and grey hues are old favourites when it comes to workout attire.

Concerned that you’re going to look too bland? Try incorporating a distinctive design element into your outfit, like a racer back vest or leggings with a printed side stripe. This way, you’re sure to stand out for all the right reasons.

Workout Attire 1


Vest Top – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Crop Top – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Leggings – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Trainers – Adidas (similar here)

Inject a Splash of Colour

Don’t want to stick with the traditional colour ways? That’s alright—you can always mix up your look with an injection of colour.

If a bold hue which pops so much that people will be able to spot you in the dark isn’t really your vibe, then you can opt for something more subtle. For instance, how about a cute pastel or an understated multi-coloured print?

Either way, wear colours that you love and that brighten up your mood for a fun, frivolous workout aesthetic.

Workout Attire 2


Top – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Shorts – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Bag – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Trainers – Nike (similar here)

Sunglasses – Quay Australia

Pick a Unique Key Piece

Workout Attire 3

Another way to boss your workout attire is by picking a unique key piece and then building your outfit around it.

Me? I personally adore a cool cropped jacket or a statement graphic tee.

Whether you choose to wear your key piece with other striking separates or tone down the rest of your look, it won’t be long before the compliments come rolling in.

Workout Wear


Jacket – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Leggings – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Bag, Sunglasses and Trainers – As Before

Say Yes to Co-Ords

KatieKat x PLT

Co-ords: what your Mum used to dress you in circa 1995. Did they used to be a bit cringe? Yes. But don’t the 2018 versions look badass? Absolutely—especially in the form of workout attire.

If you’re a co-ord newbie, don’t panic. Simply experiment with the trend by opting for an endearing crop top and leggings combo. You could even throw on a breathable top over your outfit until you feel confident enough to let your co-ord shine.

Alternatively, if you’re well-versed in the world of co-ords and want to rock yours with pride, why not try a funky sweatshirt with matching jogging bottoms or a sporty tracksuit?

In any case, your co-ord is guaranteed to turn heads. It will even take the attention away from your perspiring red face. 

Win-win, right?

Pretty Little Thing


Crop Top – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Leggings, Bag, Sunglasses and Trainers – As Before

Don’t Shy Away From a Fun Print

Katie Davies Fashion Blogger

Finally, even though it’s tempting to be safe and choose flattering plain separates over their patterned counterparts, you just can’t beat workout attire that features a fun print.

I mean, you’ve got to make working out as enjoyable as possible, right? And there’s no better way to do it than with unconventional clothing.

Unless you want to overwhelm your gym buddies, it’s best to stick to one printed piece rather than a head-to-toe ensemble. Think: a striped t-shirt or logo emblem leggings. However, some people might prefer to make an impact—and that’s totally fine!

Regardless, be sure to team your print (or prints) with complimentary pieces for a look that’s sassy yet stylish.

Workout Attire 5


Top – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Leggings – PrettyLittleThing (*)

Crop Top, Vest, Bag and Trainers – As Before

Werk that Workout Attire, Girl

Let’s face it—there’s no right or wrong way to do workout attire.

However, if you’re seriously committed to getting in shape in the new year, it’s all about looking great so that you can feel awesome. As with anything in life, confidence is the key to success.

Whatever you decide to wear or do, be healthy and happy—and you’re sure to boss life in 2019.

KatieKat Blog

(P.S. FYI to all my fellow bloggers—a dog makes a great outfit prop.)

What are your new year’s resolutions? How do you boss your workout attire? Let me know in the comments below!


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