10 Bucket List Ideas I Want to Achieve in 10 Years

June 4, 2019

Flashback to 2012 when I was still in a university classroom daydreaming about my future. I was about to graduate and start my full-time working life – and it felt like the whole world was at my fingertips.

Now, it’s almost nine years later and I’ve achieved a lot of milestones in my life thus far. That said, there are still tons of items on my bucket list that I’m eager to tick off in the near future.

From travelling to near and far destinations to learning a new skill, the opportunities we have laid before us are endless in this day and age.

And do you know what? We need to take advantage of them. I mean, our Grandparents never had the same prospects.

We need to grab opportunities with both hands and not let the moment pass us by. We need to live life to the full because it’ll soon be over before we know it.

Whether you’ve already got your perfect plan mapped out or it’s subject to change (and that’s okay), read on for 10 bucket list ideas I personally want to achieve in 10 years.

Bucket List Ideas

1. Travel Around Europe

Bucket list ideas 101 for most of the global population: travel around Europe.

Sure, I’ve been to various locations in the European continent in the 28 years I’ve been on this planet, but they’ve mostly been touristy holiday destinations like Tenerife or Ayia Napa (my first holiday with my friends when I was 18, lol).

Even though I’ve briefly spent time in places like Rome and Amsterdam, I’d love to cover off other historic European cities on my travel bucket list.

I guess I’ve just been focusing on the countries around the other side of the world while I’m young, but this is all set to change once I return from my current trip to New Zealand. Exciting stuff.

2. Do a California Road Trip

Similarly, I’ve travelled to a range of cool spots in the USA and done a cross-country road trip from Nashville to Green Bay, but I’d love to do another road trip along the West Coast.

Why? Well, California is something else. I’ve already visited Los Angeles twice on my travels and Huntington Beach on a family holiday, and there’s a reason everybody talks about the SoCal vibe.

Plus, it’d be great to venture to other cities like San Fransisco and San Diego. And see the Yosemite National Park – obviously.

3. Learn a Different Language

So far, I can only speak fluent English. How disappointing is that?

Therefore, one of my top bucket list ideas is to become fluent in another language (like French, Spanish or Italian.

There are lots of options for learning a language these days, from apps and online training to Babbel and language podcasts. There are also in-person classes like those from Listen & Learn, so it’s just a case of picking the right one for me.

And do you know what? Perhaps this would even aid me in my European travels. Win-win.

4. Get a Second Tattoo 

If you know me personally, you’ll know that I got my first tattoo while travelling around Thailand three years ago. It’s a cute little heart on my wrist in honour of my Grandad’s passing as he used to call me and my sister his “sweethearts.”

Since my Grandma’s passing, I always said I’d get another tattoo in her honour.

What and where I hear you ask? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see. (Wink-wink.)

Bucket List Ideas

5. Buy My First House

Okay, so now for the grown-up stuff. After all, I suppose 28 is the right age to start thinking about settling down, especially now that I’ve met my one.

I have to say, the prospect of buying my first house would have scared me senseless a few years ago. Now? It really excites me.

Bring it on.

6. Get Married

Likewise, the thought of getting married would have put the fear of God in me when I was 25.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not quite ready yet, but I’ve always wanted to get married. I’m rather traditional and believe in old-school romance, regardless of the fact that the dating world has dramatically changed in the last 10 years.

7. Have At Least One Kid

Just like I always saw marriage in my future, I’ve also always seen one or two children.

Let’s be clear – this one I’m nowhere near ready for, but I know that (when the time comes) I’ll cherish being a mother.

8. Be a Bridesmaid

One of my favourite bucket list ideas is being a bridesmaid for my sister or one of my besties (no pressure, guys).

Given that I’ve not yet been involved in a wedding party and only attended a handful of weddings previously as a guest, this old-school romantic loves the idea of playing a more active role in such a special event in the lives of the people she really cares about.

And hey, hopefully, they can repay the favour one day. (No pressure, boyfriend.)

Bucket List Ideas

9. Go to Coachella and/or Glastonbury

Does anyone else have a major case of the green-eyed monster when they see fellow festival lovers at Coachella or Glastonbury or is that just me?

Since I started going to music festivals at the age of 17, I’ve been to Leeds Festival four times, V Festival once and Download Festival once. I adore live music and the laid-back feels a festival brings into your life.

Given that each of these events is considered reasonably small, I’d love to go to either America’s most popular festival (Coachella) or the UK’s (Glastonbury). Or how about both?

Now we’re talking.

10. Make Six Figures From My Business

One of my top bucket list ideas has to be related to my profession, alright? I mean, I live and breathe my business, so it had to feature on this list somewhere.

Sure, being able to make six figures from being my own boss when it comes freelance writing, blogging and marketing consultancy is a big dream – but, boy, it has never felt so within reach.

Since I started being a solopreneur two years ago, I’ve been hustling, learning and going 100 miles an hour. But do you know what? I wouldn’t change the journey I’m on for the world, and I only look forward to what’s to come.


Bucket List Ideas to Embrace Before It’s Too Late

To be honest, I’m a big believer in the fact that you can’t move forward with your life if you’re unable to make peace with your past.

Sure, you might not be where you initially wanted to be or perhaps you haven’t achieved all the things you thought you might have already accomplished. Having said that, your time is now.

I hope these bucket list ideas inspire you to put an end to any unhappiness, implement any changes you want to make and live the life you deserve. After all, we’ve only got shot at this.

Here’s to a hopeful future and making the most of every single day!

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Which bucket list ideas of mine are yours too? What else do you have on your list? Let me know in the comments!

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