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7 Good Things About a Breakup

Whether you dumped them or they dumped you or you got into a weird funk where you were taking a break and then it ended in a breakup (which neither of you ever expected), breaking up is always so hard to do. However, here’s why it’s worth it.


How to Spend a Day in York

No matter what your interests are, I guarantee that you will have the best time in this pretty, quaint city. Click here for my recommendations on how to spend a day in York.


Halloween Fashion Must-Haves

With Halloween fast approaching, I asked around on Twitter to see if anybody would be interested in seeing a post based around Halloween fashion. The people have spoken, you guys said YES, gimme a Halloween-themed post filled with ALL OF…


10 Tips for Coping with Anxiety

It’s no secret that I struggle with anxiety. Sure, it’s considered a common mental health problem nowadays—but anxiety, depression and other mental health disorders are still a bit of a taboo to talk about. I’ve only just started being more…